How do I add a new poll?

Go to Polls.

Select the Polls tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Note: If the Polls tool is not available on your site by default, you can add it to your site under Site Info > Manage Tools.

Add a poll.

You may click the Add button or the Add a poll link to add a new poll.

Compose your poll question.

  1. Enter the poll question in the box marked Question.
  2. Add additional information in the Rich Text Editor if needed.

Specify the poll settings.

  1. Specify the opening and closing dates and times. You may enter the date in the text box, or you may use the calendar icon to the right to bring up a pop-up calendar for selecting your date and time.
  2. Indicate limits on the minimum and maximum number of answers selected.
  3. Choose when to make the results visible.
  4. Click Save and add options when finished.

Add the first answer.

  1. Enter the first answer option in the Rich Text Editor.
  2. Click Save and add options.

Add the second answer.

  1. Enter the second answer option in the Rich Text Editor.
  2. Click Save and add options. Continue this process of saving and adding options until you have added all of the options for the poll question.
  3. On the last option click Save. This will display the Edit a poll page with the poll options listed.

Review poll question options and Save.

This displays the Polls list page. Click Save to save your poll.

Note: If you need to add another option, click on the Add option link. If you need to edit or delete an option, click on the Edit or Delete links to the right of the option text.